100% Digitally Customizable dials  

3 ATM (30m) Water resistance

Designed in Switzerland

Patented℗  Optical Fiber Technology integrated into our adaptive Watch Strap colorimetry system

Oled Display

Sleep, Health and Activity Tracking

Your Style. Your Mood. Your Watch.

With our fully customizable watch components, you can choose any color theme to fit your personality, mood, or your outfit. Easily express yourself with Fusiowatch.

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Choose your Fusiowatch, 

customize your model in the app

Be the best version of yourself

Track your activities

With your dedicated FW mobile app, available for iOs and Android, you will have a daily personal trainer right in your pocket.

  • Number of steps taken during the day 
  • Amount of stairs climbed during your journey
  • And many more specific features to discover 

Monitor your sleep 

Good sleep can improve concentration and productivity. Knowing that poor sleepers have a greater risk of heart disease and stroke, you would not achieve optimal health without taking care of your sleep. 

  • Time asleep 
  • Deep and REM 
  • And many more specific features to discover 

Reach your well-being goals

Your avatar is the representation of yourself. Play with her/him and win specific rewards every time you reach high-level achievements. Take care of her/him as you would take care of you. 

Measure your health and nutrition

Calculation of the daily calorie requirement according to your gender, weight and age. 

  • Precise monitoring and measurement of your Body Mass Index "BMI".
  • And many more specific features to discover 

Premium Stainless Steel Watchcase.

Stellar Black

Classic Silver

Frosted Rose Gold